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Mission,Vision, and Priority Focus Statement

PS 181Q's Mission Statement

As a collaborative school community of educators and parents, we are committed to a high quality of instruction, where the expectation for all students is to achieve high standards of academic excellence.

    Administrators and staff, working with the support of the School Leadership Team and parents, will provide students with standards-based classroom instruction, individualized student assessment and the necessary support services to attain success.

    We are committed to reflecting upon and refining our practice in order to strengthen the integration of the citywide instructional expectations to prepare all students, including students with disabilities, English Language Learners to graduate college. We will use a common language and build a shared understanding of high quality instruction.

    The physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth of all students including English Language learners, Special Education students within the New York Continuum, gifted and talented, and pupils in need of Academic Intervention Services will be discussed and assessed at Parent Teacher Conferences, staff conferences, PTA meetings, and school leadership committee meetings.

Priority Focus Statement

To build teacher capacity, we will engage in targeted professional learning in explicit instruction, adjusting small groups based on data, and providing corrective feedback to students. This differentiated support will increase students’ ability to master the standards in ELA and Math.


School Vision

Our school environment is one in which all learners grow and succeed. We value and accommodate diversity. We support our learners because they are capable, and we believe in them. Our teaching practices are both reflective of and responsive to the needs of our students. Families are recognized as partners in the learning process. We embrace communication between staff and the community as we work to create the best learning opportunities for all children.  

School Affirmation

I pledge allegiance to myself and who I would like to be.​

I can make all my dreams come true if I believe in me.

I pledge to stay in school and learn the things I need to know to make the world a better place for every kid to grow.

I  pledge to keep my dreams alive and be all that I can be.

I pledge to do my best each day and always believe in ME.